Wednesday, 4 November 2015

10km night road run in Potch

A few weeks ago I took a look at the road running calendars for events in Vanderbijl, Sasolburg and Potch. A good way to make new friends in a new place is to mingle with runners. There is a club in Parys so I'll probably hook up with them for weekend runs.

I found a few events and one of these was the SupaQuick 10km Night Race in Potchefstroom, which I ran tonight.

Compared to Jo'burg races, this one was quiet... like going to lesser known road races in the early 90s. Very, very pleasant indeed. Maybe 250 people on the 10km? And as many on the 5km? 

With the recent cold spell, the temperature this evening was cool enough to be chilly when standing around, which made it absolutely perfect for running.

The race started promptly at 19h00 from the Rugby Stadium and it didn't really stray too far. A 3km loop brought us back to the stadium and then past the Snowflake flour mill and past the front of my old high school (Stds 6 & 7) - Potch Girls High. We ran straight down for a couple of long blocks, turned the corner and then ran back along the top of the blocks to the stadium.

Although the route lacked creativity, it was certainly an easy to manage at night. There was also a 5km fun run and they were on part of the route too.

The marshals were great and well placed and traffic control was excellent - and the cars that were stopped at intersections, waiting for the runners to pass, didn't hoot, shout or abuse the marshals either. Small towns have their merits.

There were four water points and all were well manned and friendly. The chilled water sachets even had bits of ice in them. If tonight's temperatures were as hot as last week's these would have been greatly appreciated. As they were, the cold water was lovely.

I ran a very easy and comfortable 53:22 - probably too easy, but very pleasant nonetheless.

So that was my first road race this side of the Vaal. I'll have to check again for more. 

I'm sure I'll head to the Sasol 21km in Feb... it was the second-ever 21km that I ran in about 1999 and my one-and-only marathon in 2000. I returned to run the Sasol half in 2012 with friends Fred and Michael. Time to go back again.


Anonymous said...

Potch is still trans vaal from Parys, same as Jhb?

adventurelisa said...

Yip. But, Potch is in North-West Province, not Gauteng. Yesterday I was in three Provinces - Gauteng in the morning, Free State in the afternoon and North-West at night. Hahahaha :)