Saturday, 23 January 2016

River is up

Our poor Vaal River has been low-low-low this season. It has hovered at around 15-20 cumec. We check out the water level by driving across the bridge on the Potch road and if the flat rocks are visible the water is low. If they're just covered, it's around 40 cumec.

When I drove to Potch this morning I expected the river to be up but saw the flat rocks exposed. But by the time I drove back over the bridge, returning from the Bert's Bricks 21km in Potch, the river wasn't just covering the rocks, it was fast-flowing, much deeper water with turbulence.

Later, when I headed out to the shops, I took a drive along the river to check it out.

This photo below was taken of a pretty, rocky section near my mom's place on 22 November 2015.

A reasonably level in November - maybe 60 cumecs. It has been a lot lower since with rocks jutting out everywhere.

And this is the same section today.

There has been a release from upstream at Barrage. This is about 90 cumecs coming down. There is also a lot of water hyacinth being washed down and I'm sure the Gatsien rapid is working perfectly. As this level rise is due to a release, it will drop when the release finishes. It's great to enjoy while it is here.

I enjoy watching the river and seeing how its personality changes with the water level. Another bonus of living in Parys.

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