Tuesday, 17 October 2017

It's mulberry season again

This evening I hit three mulberry trees on my run with Rusty and for a change she let me stop for a bit to pick and munch (a trade for letting her stop and sniff). My favourite tree from last season did not disappoint. 

Two years ago I'd seen another tree with an abundance but as it was greatly pruned last year I didn't get any of its fruit. I got it this evening and these must be the sweetest I've ever eaten. 

Further on I joined a young boy picking white mulberries. I've often found them to be disappointing in flavour but these were good. I brought a handful home for Celliers and the children to try.

Rusty doesn't eat mulberries.

Last year I made a few mulberry desserts. I plan to make at least one in the next week to properly celebrate the season's abundance.

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