Sunday, 25 March 2018

Tea paw-ty for Rusty's one-year adoptiversary

We had a tea party yesterday afternoon for Rusty's one-year adoptiversary. I've made this day her birthday too and so she is now six-years old.

Her friends from Otters Haunt, Rocksy and Skally came over. This was Skally's first visit to someone's house and it has been a long time since Rocksy came over. Rusty saw them coming in the gate from the front glass door and ran around to the back to greet her friends - it was very sweet. Rusty usually visits the girls at their house and seemed to enjoy having them visit her house.

We also had human friends visiting and it was nice to chill in the lovely afternoon enjoying iced tea, cake and scones with strawberry jam and cream. My dad came through to visit for the weekend too.

I designed an invitation for Rusty's party - a compilation of design ideas and elements found online. Zoom in on Rusty's face to check out her smile (pic of her was extracted from one taken at the river late last year after her first river swim). I thought her sneaky smile suited wearing a Mat Hatter's hat.

Good for a giggle.

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