Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Crater Run 10km win

The Crater Cruise MTB event has been held in Parys for many a year (around 15 years, I think). The event added a trail run (4km, 8km and 10km routes), which I entered and enjoyed this past Sunday.

I was last out at Attie's (from Anatomic and RIDE magazine) farm - Koedoeslaagte - in April 2010 for a circuit race that he hosted. In the intervening years, Attie has put in a huge amount of work creating a trail network, especially for mountain biking, which is his main focus. They host schools MTB events, training camps and the annual Crater Cruise and now the Crater Run.

The 10km run route was a treat. The morning started chilly - 3.5°C when I arrived at 7am - but it warmed quickly for the 7.30am start. The route starts off following the smooth and wide mountain bike trails on the river side of the main road, climbing gently to the road crossing. The winding track is good fun. We then crossed the road for the hillside trails, which are steeper and more rocky. I remembered the climbing from the circuit race!

I worked the hill well, taking two short walks on the steepest section and playing 'rally car' on the winding descent. Crossing the road, we were back on the smooth trail and I was feeling great so I let my legs out, working hard to the end.

The lady who came second was ahead of me until the last kilometre or so. I actually thought that she was on the 8km route, which had merged with the 10km route, as I passed her easily. She must have gone out faster than me from the start (mornings hit me hard!), which is why it took me so long to catch her. I was in my groove and moving very well on the last section.
I don't get to participate in many events so this really was a treat; not only to take part but also to do well. Of course, in a field with more depth, I would have been spat out the back. Nonetheless, the morning was mine and I'm chuffed.

I can commend Attie and his team for a well-presented event with superb route markings. Everything was punctual from the start to the prize giving and I look forward to heading out there again to run - with Rusty.

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