Tuesday, 13 October 2020

When your children can be your teammates

 When my whatsapp pinged with this image, my heart soared with joy. This is now one of my favourite photographs of all time.

I first met Garry 20-years ago through adventure racing and we also raced together in a team. From adventure racing and with a knack for navigation, Garry got into orienteering and made his mark in the sport as a competitor, mapper, event planner, coach and head of our orienteering federation for many years. More than this, he has been a very dear friend. As a bonus, he has an awesome wife who I am fortunate to have as my friend too.

When I lived in Jo'burg, we lived on opposite sides of Johannesburg but our weekend orienteering activities had us together regularly.

Living in Parys these past five years, I don't see them often, but we do keep in touch.

The years have passed and Connor and Cameron are no longer little boys; at 15 and 14 respectively, they are into their teen years. This past weekend, Garry did a 25km event with both of his sons. (last year he did events with each one, not together)

For me, this photograph is so much about joy; their joy at being there and participating together but joy for me too at seeing my friend racing with his sons. It somehow feels like a circle has been completed. As a joyous aside, they placed 12th out of 92 teams - a hearty cheer and congratulations to them.

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