Thursday, 28 October 2021

Business road tripping with my dog

In the week of 11 October 2021, I took Rusty with me on a working road trip. Until late June this year, Rusty and I were together all day, every day from the day she came into my life 4.5 years ago. 

Almost four months ago my office at the factory was ready. My plan was to spend half day there and half day working from home with my dog. Instead, I spend the whole day at the office and Rusty hangs with granny. 

I miss my dog. I needed to spend sometime with her and Rusty needed to spend time with me. Rusty is an amazing road tripping companion. In towns, she sat up a lot to look around - very cute. On the open road she snoozed on her cushion. There was lots of smiling from this sweet girl. This four day trip with lots of driving and many stops was a very special experience to share with my Rusty girl.

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