Saturday, 30 July 2022

25th parkrun volunteer milestone at George parkrun

On Sat, 30 July 2022, I notched my 25th volunteer milestone at the George parkrun (my total is around 140). When parkrun restarted in George in about November last year, I jumped in to volunteer and meet the friendly George parkrun community.

My usual volunteer role is barcode scanning. This morning I enjoyed a role change as a marshal out on the route so I decided to take Rosy with me. I haven't taken her to parkrun here because this little black dog can be crazy-exuberant and a bit... unruly. Despite being a really good dog at dog school, Rosy's street-dog posturing comes out when other dogs are around and she is on a lead. When she runs off-lead, she is a well-behaved girl. Parkrun requires dogs to be on a lead and as I'm often volunteering, Rosy has been left at home.

Today, Rosy was exemplary. She ran almost beautifully on lead to parkrun and like a star to our marshal point. She watched the participants without barking and wasn't too bad when dogs came past. 

She was actually so good that I'm confident that she has matured enough to participate with me without being a maniac.
I'm very proud of this little girl.

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