Friday, 1 January 2010

David Grier runs North through Madagascar

Celebrity chef, adventurer and ultradistance runner, David Grier, is on terra firma in Madagascar after a two week-long paddle from Mocambique to the Madagascar.

* In the photo, David is the one on the left (photo from

David is known for running the 4000km length of the Great Wall of China in 98 days (in 2006), with Braam Malherbe. Then in late-2008, he and Braam ran South Africa's coastline from West to East in support of the Smile Foundation. It took them 100 days!

And now David is on his 'Madagascar Challenge', which he seems to have started at the beginning of December 2009 (the dates on his blog postings are not true dates - many posts are uploaded at intervals). The first stage of his journey started with a 500km sea kayak paddle across the Mocambique Channel from Mocambique to Madagascar, which took him eleven days. He had a support boat for this stage; he paddles for 7-8 hours each day, sleeping on board the boat and starting each day from his last waypoint.

David then travelled with his support crew, heading South to the tip of the island. This trip alone took them eight days. And now he is on foot, running the length of the island from South to North. He started this second stage around 20 December 2009 and in his first week covered 225km.

From what I recall, David plans to kite surf from Madagascar back to South Africa/Mocambique...

To follow David's expedition, here are a number of resources...
David's Blog - - postings are not updated real-time.
Miles for Smiles - - with tracking
Twitter - - he Tweets a few times each day

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