Thursday, 6 June 2013

Six sleeps to go - Hola Argentina!

Back in January I mentioned that I'd booked my flight to Argentina - finally getting to fulfilling my Adventure Dream; to spend a few weeks doing intensive Spanish lessons in South America.

Well, I now have only SIX SLEEPS until my plane takes off! I'm beside myself with excitement.

The plan is as follows:

Fly into Buenos Aires. I'm booked into a hostel in a similar area to where I stayed back in 2003. What I liked about this location is that it is near the large Ecological Park, where I can run nice-nice. I've found a bunch of stuff to do on Thursday and Friday. Sights to be seen. Like the Japanese Gardens and some interesting galleries. All different things to what I did previously.

Then, on Saturday (next week) I fly to Bariloche. I'll be here for four weeks. I'm staying at a hostel near the Spanish school - easy-peasy to walk back and forth. I start Spanish lessons on the Monday and I've got lessons Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 13h00. Afternoons are for running and playing (and homework, no doubt). As it will be ski season I'll get in a few ski lessons - I've never skiied!

The Spanish school arranges various evening activities, all aimed to get us speaking and interacting and socialising. Cultural evenings, movies, conversation and such. I'll probably go to most of these.

Since January I've been working through an AWESOME podcast series, Coffee Break Spanish, to refresh what I learned at the Spanish Academy here back in 2006. I learned more in one lesson with Slade than three months at Alliance Francaise. As far as the podcasts go, I'm lesson 67 of 80. Almost there! My aim is to go into the Spanish lessons in Bariloche NOT at beginner level. I'll fill in their assessment next week, which will determine where I'll start.

I've got Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (in Spanish) on my Kindle, a Spanish dictionary (the only paper book I'm taking) and I've got a Spanish audio book loaded too. I haven't tried it yet but I figure that even if I don't understand much, listening to the rhythm and sounds and pronounciation will help.

Over the weekends I'm free so I'd like to run lots, sight see and visit nearby towns.

Yes, I have made myself maps of the town and places and there's a hiking map I'll be able to buy there.

Then, I'm back in Buenos Aires after four weeks. On Sunday 14 July I'm running a 30km road race in the city and hooking up with the Hash House Harriers club for lunch (their run is at 11am - I'll still be running the road race).

My circus school teachers, who are Chilean, have recommended a superb circus school in Buenos Aires - people they know. I think the studio is not far from where I'm staying so I'll check this out too.

I have three days in BA, which will be fun.

As you can imagine, I'm helluva excited.

This trip has been on the cards for SEVEN YEARS. I booked my flight SIX MONTHS AGO and now I've only got SIX SLEEPS until my plane soars.


Staci said...

Have a fantabulous time. Looking forward to hearing about all the different things you are going to do. Take Care and return safely.

adventurelisa said...

Thanks Staci. Two sleeps to go!