Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blanket done

I feel like this has taken me forever; especially the phase of stitching the squares together and then the border. Some nights only half a row; other night nothing. But, it is done now. My first blanket.

I'm thinking of adding some simple crochet flowers to some of the joins between squares... still to decide. I'll leave it lying around while I think about it and before I give this colourful children's blanket away.


Anonymous said...

No - you should keep it, even if it's for sentimental reasons. This represent a considerable achievement! Be it discipline, creativity, need to do well - whatever. Besides, it's a great leg warmer on cold evenings or when sitting at your computer. You do not need any external heat source then. I still have my blanket from childhood, and I use it every winter!

adventurelisa said...

Hehehe - heya Anon. Fortunately I hardly have a sentimental bone in my body ;) I'm definitely enjoying looking at it and delighting in the colours but I'm certain that someone else will get more joy and warmth from it. I have a square blankie, somewhere in a cupboard, that my gran knitted for me - mmm, more than 20 years ago. Should dig it out for my own use again.

Lobby said...

It's stunning L, well done!!