Friday, 30 September 2011

FEAT Award

I wish I could claim it as my idea; but I can't. I adopted the concept of the FEAT Award from the Mountain Club's 'Supertramp Award' and Ranulph Fiennes' Transglobe Expedition Trust.

FEAT Award doesn't have an age limit, which Supertramp does; and it is South African focused with a smaller budget and limited to human-powered disciplines, which TET isn't.

I initiated FEAT Award earlier this year. In short, it celebrates an adventurous spirit by contributing to making an adventure possible. Straight-up cash is often a limiting factor in getting an adventure off the ground. It is comparatively easier for people to get products sponsored or reduced prices from suppliers but financial contributions are few. Most adventurers bite the bullet and load their credit cards to make their adventure happen; a bit of cash helps to ease the load.

What am I looking for in an adventure application for this FEAT Award?

Well, it isn't any one thing. I'm not interested in international relations, AIDS orphans, rhinos or any other tag-ons; that's the adventurer's personal thing, not FEAT's. I'm also not interested in post-expedition book deals, dvds, blogging, tweeting and such. I also don't really care if it is a first to do something or a speed or distance attempt. I'm just looking for an interesting concept. Unlike most sponsors, FEAT is in it completely for the physical adventure.

Something I ask myself when considering the applications is, "Would I expect a sponsor for fund me if I was doing this adventure?". The answer is often no because adventures are often more like 'holidays' and why should a sponsor pay for your holiday? Also, it depends on the sponsor. There may be something in it for a product sponsor but if you're more general... many adventures are nice but they're not applicable.

Another aspect is looking at how well the adventure fits in with the FEAT mix as the recipient will speak at the next FEAT. Can the audience relate? Will they enjoy the topic and the sporting discipline?

So, it was with these in mind that the recipient was selected. They'll only be announced next week at FEAT. It's quite a fun adventure and I'm sure they'll have a super trip.

I've just sent out this release: "FEAT Award: And the winner is..."

I'm sure people at FEAT next week are going to have their brains crunching on adventures to submit for the next FEAT Award consideration. Good! That's what I want.

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