Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Shoulda done this years ago!

Tonight was the first night of the photographic short course that I signed up for last week. I loved every minute of it! We went through real basics and I really learned so many little things. We've got homework for this week and I'm so looking forward to jumping right into it. The next five weeks are going to be really exciting. Man, I shoulda done this years ago.

And, would you believe, I bumped into someone I knew! In '94, when I was first year at varsity, I waitressed at a local Italian restaurant. There were two guys, brothers, who regularly came in for pizzas. Well, the one, Trevor, is in my class (the other is now in New Zealand). Can you believe it! I often worked on Monday night and they would come in pretty much every Monday. They were, at that stage, setting up their computer business and now, 17 years later, it is going strong. They would put in loads of late nights at work and, as a result, ate a lot of restaurant food. I still remember their favourite pizza ;)

Trevor and his wife have this really cool thing. Every second year they give each other courses for xmas. He has always wanted to do a photography course - his wife gave it to him for xmas. She's doing a chocolate decorating course.

Following on this thread, my friend Lauren and Pam give each other experiential gifts. It could be going to see something or a wonderful spa treatment... so many options.

Ja, I like. Courses and experiences make for wonderful gifts. So much better than stuff.

Ah... and next week I'm going to be a pole student again. I'll still keep teaching once a week but I'll be attending a class locally, at another studio, which I'm really looking forward to. The instructor has a strong gymnastics background - fabulous. For about two years now I've been teaching once a week and that really has been about it for my pole activities - I should really have been doing so much more. Tick-tock. Now that this studio is in my 'hood, I'm going to take full advantage to learn, learn, learn and to try new stuff. Much of the advanced moves I know I've learned from YouTube! Will be so nice to be spoon-fed by a teacher ;)

This really is turning into 'the year of the student' and I'm loving it.

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Staci said...

I love the experience gifts. I have committed to doing local, handmade and experiential gifts this year - especially for myself. Have tickets for The Parlotones, Michael Buble and Phantom of the Opera.