Friday, 20 January 2012

Run A Heart, Sun 12 Feb

While Randburg Harriers have their annual Valentine's Nite Run on Fri, 10 Feb (arrrgggghhhh - thousands of people!) and there's a new trail run in the bike park on the 14th (R90 for 10km! - but they have a good infrastructure set up there), I'd like to add my own contribution - RUN A HEART on Sunday, 12 Feb at 18h00.

Bonuses are:
  • No need to fight through crowds of people at the run
  • Entry is essentially free (see below)
  • No traffic on a Sunday evening (great start to the week ahead!)
  • Doesn't interfere with your Valentine's dinner plans
Date: Sunday, 12 February 2012
Venue: Meet in the upper parking lot at Bedford Centre - outside Vinis. (see directions below)
Time: 18h00 sharp to run so arrive 10-15 mins earlier
Distance: around 10km, not more
Entry fee: little treat (see below)

Little treat
Your entry fee is a little treat for someone else. Please come armed with a little treat (wrapped so we can't see what it is). I'm thinking Turkish Delight, Sally Williams nougat, chocolate... Between R20-R30. You can bring something non-edible, but make sure that it is not gender specific. Edible is first prize.
Little treats will go into a basket and when you are finished you get a treat.

The route
The route will be marked so you can run at your own pace - I'm sure faster and slower little groups will form. This is a social run, not a race. Good for walkers too.

I've got two routes conceptualised - will decide on one for us - but this is the general idea. Yeah, you do have to use your imagination a little... the routes are kinda hearts eh?

Bedford Centre is in the suburb of Bedford Gardens. Use the entrance on Arbroath/Kirkby Rd (Arbroath changes to Kirkby here, near the intersection with Smith Rd). This will take you on to the upper, open, parking level. After going through the boom, park anywhere around here. You'll see a Steers and a Fish Aways. Just down from this is Vinis. Stand anywhere around here, looking like the runner you are. Remember your reflective wear - for safety.

(Mike, I hope we're going to see you and your Edenvale friends?)


Staci said...

Sounds good. Enjoyed your Norwood adventure race, this sounds like fun too.

adventurelisa said...

Staci, I hope you can make it ;) Lisa