Friday, 23 November 2012

AdventureLisa's Forest Run

It's happening! After much planning and tripping and scouting and planning and mapping a measuring AdventureLisa's Forest Run is on for Saturday, 9 March 2013!

If you've followed my posts from my scouting outings (I love forests; Another forest day and Scouting. DONE) you'll know just how lovely this area is.

I was out there again for two days last week to run through the route and to log an on-the-ground altitude profile.

As with any profiles, the peaks look big (notice the 25m intervals) but in reality the course really is like the bottom profile. Rolling. No big humps or bumps.

My two days last week were actually quite tough days. On Thursday I left Jo'burg at 06h30 and by 10h30 I was out there. I had only slept for a few hours so I was pooped to begin with and it took me longer than I care to admit to get to 35km... and then I had to walk the 2km back to my car. It was a very run-walk day but just lovely to be out there anyway.

The next day was a much better one - after a good night of sleep - and I did way more running but also a good dose of walking and looking around and enjoying, experiencing the route as the participants will.

I'm on the hunt for volunteers to assist with water stations, feed station and various other bits - like sweeping. I'm aiming for three sweeps to do sections of the course - not one person to do the whole thing. You'll be at the back of the field and I can totally assure you that you'll have a most wonderful day. I'll contribute to your travel costs (shared transport) as well as providing accommodation and meals for the weekend. Drop me a note if you're keen.

There are two entry options: 62km all in one chunk or a pair relay option where the first runner does 35km and their teammate does the next 27km. Online entries opened this evening (thank you Paul) and I hope that we'll fill all 100 places.

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