Friday, 9 November 2012

I write A LOT of stuff

I've been thinking about how much stuff I write and it is A LOT!

FEAT website: 56 news posts and 8 newsletters

Media releases for clients: 16 so far this year

Magazine articles: 12 to 15 a year 26 news items and 4 FAQ entries plus 20 race reports placed online (not written by me; often minor editing/checking)

Blog: 141 posts already this year (including this one)

Orienteering website: 22 news articles

Emails: I probably reply to and send 800 - 1000 emails a month!

And then there are the posts and newsy stuff on the AR Club website, writing up event information, four trail contributions to Trail Runner's Guide, a manual and lesson plans (and game designs) for two levels of school orienteering programmes (just finished level 2 and busy on a mapping course), Metrogaine newsletters... and probably a bunch of other stuff I've already forgotten about.

It's no wonder that I sometimes don't feel like stringing another sentence together!

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thanks for sharing.