Thursday, 11 April 2013

Happy 12th Birthday

12 years! Hundreds (if not thousands) of articles, race reports, calendar updates, news items...

I started writing the website in mid-2000 but it was only on 11 April 2001 that the website went live. It's original address was - but hyphens so do not work, especially in the earlier days of the web where people were clueless. A few months later I registered the domain,

Underwater Hockey Tourist was my first global community website, which I created in about 1996. It is still running - in the last format that I left it in too! I gave it to a guy in the US in about 2002 and it is still administered by the Houston Underwater Hockey Trust.

AR was something quite different and it has been through various evolutions from straight HTML coding to a CSS format and, in recent years, a Wordpress database. AR has been my 'baby' for 12 years... how the time has flown!


Lobby said...

Yeah, congrats L, happy birthday :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations. I do smile when you mention underwater hockey being one of your first sporting ventures. I have played it many years ago as part training for sub-aqua and spear fishing. But almost everyone I speak to has no idea of what it is and it must be one of the worst spectator sports ever. I believe the rules may have changed over the years, when I played it resembled a little bit like underwater rugby, not a sport for sissies.