Friday, 12 April 2013

Metrogaine Jo'burg visits Sandton

... well, strictly speaking the suburbs in question were Parkmore and Riverclub...

A great evening last night!  What makes Metrogaine so special really is the gathering of such a super group of people.

I've put up a post with link to results on

I snapped this pic in the parking lot, as teams were planning their routes. It's of my friends Andrew and Tony. Nice one. They were third overall.

When orienteering friend Stephanie discovered that she'd left her running shoes at home (she came straight from varsity), I loaned her my shoes. In exchange I got her gladiator sandals, which ended up on top of my socks... thank goodness for darkness ;) Stephanie ran really well - 1st women's pair.

Next Metrogaine probably only in mid- to late-August.

Lovely email from the Sandton Sports Club - they were the host venue for Metrogaine last night. It's a great location with a running club based there, swimming lessons, beach volleyball, parkour training, a women's bootcamp thing, soccer, touch rugby and probably a host of other activities. This is just what I saw in the course of two Thursday evenings. 


Hi Lisa,

What can I say? Absolutely well done!!!! Did you say 111 teams, 222 participants? Amazing!!!

It has been so refreshing dealing with someone so pro-active/ passionate/chilled / organised and fun, very fun.. Every community needs a whole lot more people like you. It was a privilege hosting your event at our club.

Watching the participants winding their way through the suburbs with their headlights on was so amazing. 
It reminded me of my childhood, when the neighbourhood streets were an extension of the backyard. When people knew who their neighbours were and cared about them and when there was no need for  JOC applications in order to venture out into the streets.

If we did this every evening there would probably no need for security companies either.

We would love you to do this more often. What about an event for families (to include kids ) in and around George Lea Park. Lets talk.

Thanks so much.

George Lea Park

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