Wednesday, 30 October 2013


My English TEFL course wrapped up last night but as I'd completed my last assignment on Sunday afternoon, I've pretty much had my freedom back and it feels like time is abundant - especially after wringing out 50hrs/wk to spend on course assignments and lesson planning...

I've planned a 'wild' week with loads of different things - activities I haven't been able to do for months.

On Monday night I went to the Banff Mountain Film Festival - an annual screening that I never miss - TEFL or no TEFL. Tuesday morning, a doodling workshop.

Via a Facebook link, last week, I found out about a doodling workshop hosted by Ira Bekker. I thought that I recognised her name - she's a mosaic artist (also ceramics). I saw on her ZenDoodle website that she has regular workshops at a couple of coffee shops - I chose to go to one in Melville yesterday morning. I've been needing a creative injection.

I've had a thing about sketches and drawing since I can remember. Back in 2010 I went along to a drawing class to see if it would be something that I'd like to do regularly... and while I'd like to learn draw techniques, I have no interest in shading and drawing apples. I like the simplicity of line drawings. So, when I saw Ira's website... yes, it immediately caught my attention.

As she has only just started the sessions at the coffee shop in Melville, I was her only student so it was a productive one-on-one class. We started with some shapes and patterns and then I created two small drawings. I played around with some solids, but I've decided that I don't really like them in these drawings, unless there are more making up a pattern.

Then, yesterday afternoon, while waiting for my last English class to start, I thought I'd make a doodle for my classmate, Robyn. I was very chuffed with the result, which was totally unplanned.

That's the thing about doodling. You don't really plan, you just draw. So you start with a line or a circle or a squiggle or a petal and take it from there.

I gave it to Robyn after class. She says to me, "I've never received anything like this before. Must I colour it in?". Hahahahaha. I explained that this was it - no colouring necessary.

I think that Ira has created a monster because I'm already busy with another A5 doodle to contribute to 1000Drawings, which is where I found out about this doodling. It's a fundraising exhibition (for an inner city homeless care organisation) on 7 November at Sci-Bono. They're aiming to collect 1000 drawings and to sell them for R100 each. There are some really great drawings up for grabs (see the albums on their FB page).

Other fun and games planned for the week... this morning I've got coffee with a new Spanish-practicing pal and then I'm putting my tree yarn bomb up at Little Eden. Spanish class tonight; maybe a pole class on Thursday night (first pole-specific class I'll be going to since Jan/Feb!), visiting a chap I don't know every well - but who could do with a visit - on Friday (common connection through adventure stuff), yoga class with a buddy on Saturday morning (first yoga class in... almost two years - I've been craving yoga since not having circus classes, which used to bring in yoga elements). Seeing family on Sunday... Yip, lots of fun stuff in between a couple of work commitments.

[UPDATE] This is the doodle I've completed for 1000Drawings.


nico said...

Haha, spot contour map! Seems you can't quite get the O out of the artist. :)

nico said...

Haha, spot the contour map! It seem one can't quite take the orienteer out of the artist. :)

adventurelisa said...

Nico - it's the contour line parallel that has got me hooked ;)
I'd bet that all the orienteering mappers would be superb doodlers.

Staci said...

Love the doodling, thanks for the info.