Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hammie on a wheel

There is indeed no rest with so many things on the go!

AR Club Summer Series
Last night we wrapped up the AR Club Summer Series, which I presented with my friend Garry. Even simple events are time consuming! The series went really well and last night we had the highest turnout with around 120 participants plus a good number of children taking part with their folks. A bunch of people assisted at events with registration, photographs, putting out controls and collecting controls... It's all here on our club website.

Orienteering School League
I'm well and truly immersed in our Orienteering Schools League. One of our events was rained out so we've only had a training event and one actual event over the past three weeks. After setting up, my task is to be out in the field, catching and assisting lost children. I aim to teach some basics to get them pointed in the right direction.

The biggest problem I notice every year (and this Monday in particular) is that the children don't even look at their maps. They run around with maps flapping in the wind as they hunt all over place, hoping to catch sight of a control flag... Or they look for other children and go where they've come from... There's something to be said for making your own decisions and your own mistakes.

The 'answers' are all there on the map - all depends whether you're looking or seeing (or neither!).

I also take photos while I'm out there. I haven't done much photography since the League last year so I'm settling into the groove and having good fun taking photos of these young orienteers.

Veggie garden 
I've been VERY neglectful of my garden, which hasn't been fabulous this season - certainly because I didn't water enough early on and because I've been so neglectful. Fortunately the garden has been forgiving and I've had some produce.

On Sunday I picked some eggplants, swiss chard, basil and cherry tomatoes and added some cheese and home-made tomato sauce to make an absolutely delicious melanzane dish. That was pretty satisfying.

I need to get into the garden to weed and pull out plants and to look ahead to autumn and winter planting. It's on the list to get around to.

I love crochet ;) And I've totally missed doing crochety things. I 'cracked' about two weeks ago and jumped into making a beanie. The signs were all there: I saw a pattern I liked and a few days later a friend gave me a lovely ball of yarn. Yes! I sign that my fingers needed to get to work again.

It took a bit of playing around to get the right dimension - it is meant to be 'slouchy' but there's no way it is possible with the pattern as it is. Still, I think it came out well. The pattern shows a pom-pom on top so I'll look for a nice fluffy one when I next go past the yarn store. If it works, it will stay, if it doesn't, then I'll leave it off.

My friend's daughter's school is again having their annual teddy bear collection for the Teddy Bear Clinic. Last year I made a beautiful bear and she got special mention but wasn't eligible to be crowned a 'winner' because I used a pattern I found online and not their pattern. As a competitive individual, this year I'll use the prescribed pattern with the aim creating a winning bear - one that is friendly and that has warmth and personality. Yes, indeed, crochet too can be a competitive discipline. I've got the yarn - just to start on the bear.

Forest Run
Forest Run is only two weeks away so things are getting busy-busy on this side. We've made some new decorations for the one waterpoint and I'm out there later next week to accompany forestry as they trim the grassy sections of the route. Last year, after good rains, the grasses were higher than my head! Although many sections on the route are fine, there are chunks that run next to the wetlands that get crazy grassy. And then I'll be back there the following week to mark the route. Where is the time going?!?!

Online courses
I'm just about finished my Spanish MOOC course. It wrapped up earlier this week but we get a few extra days to finish up. It's a good thing because I got behind in the last week or so and so I've still got to finish my lessons and final submissions by Saturday.

The English course is less intensive, a bit too easy and so it is ticking over nicely. I've had a wobble this week and have a bit to catch up on over the weekend. I've only got another week of this one.

I've signed up for a new course in March. It's called "Thinking 101x: The Science of Everyday Thinking" and it deals with reasoning and decision making. Should be really interesting.

Rain, rain, rain...
We sooooo need some rain. I finally bought a rain gauge this week - I've wanted one for years. Now I just need some rain to fill it.

PnP 21km
This past weekend I ran the Pick 'n Pay 21km and had another lovely, easy run. That's my third road race for the year. Best not make this a habit! Hahaha

I think. that. that's it from me.

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