Wednesday, 5 February 2014

This and that...

I've been itching to write but a heavy schedule has seriously curtailed my blog writing. With AR Club's Summer Series totally rocking (#3 tonight), the Orienteering Schools League on the go, publicity happening for the Adventure Navigation Urban Series, client writing, navigation coaching, map updating, race running, Forest Run planning and doing two MOOCs (Spanish and English online courses)... let's just say that I've been spread thin.

And so I've been making lists of blogs that I want to write - things that keep coming up and that I've been thinking about often. Self-sabotage, retirement (waiting to die?), community involvement and volunteering, online courses (MOOCs), the satisfaction of doing things yourself...

I haven't doodled for weeks! I hadn't crocheted for weeks either. My veggie garden has been quite neglected this whole season. If I haven't been out and about, my nights have been spent on my computer updating maps, planning events, prepping for events, catching up (always seem to be catching up) on my online course work...

On Saturday afternoon I did the second part of a walking workshop with some of my mom's friends. The previous weekend we looked at posture, stride, using your arms when you walk, cadence, feet and shoes... This past weekend we revised and used trekking poles (one and two). After the session, my one friend (she's doing a clear-out at home) gave me a lovely ball of yarn. A few days before I'd saved a nice slouchy beanie pattern. Kismet!

That night I got to work on it. I did a bit more on Sunday and a dash on Monday night. Oooohhh... just the feeling of making and creating and doing something not on computer! Pure joy!

I've got a blanket sitting in limbo - there are month's to go on that project. This one is quick and fun to do ;)
I do like to be busy but this year has been a firecracker eh? Already February!

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