Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Three remarkable young men

Last week I travelled to Polokwane for orienteering / navigation coaching activities. First was an orienteering teacher workshop in the settlement of Lebowakgomo, which is about 40km South of Polokwane.
I've mentioned Ephraim a number of times - he's our star and an accomplished orienteering mapmaker. A natural from the get-go. He recently wrote his final exams for his electrical engineering studies. His focus is on heavy current.

 Tebatso was with me for the Big 5 O earlier this year. He is also an engineering student. He came through to GOC Champs in June and he assists Ephraim with the Polokwane Orienteering Club.

 And then there's Lefa. I first met him at the GOC Champs in June when he came through with Ephraim and the other school and college students. He's another Ephraim-recruit from college - also engineering. Like Ephraim, Lefa's 'hobby' is doing architectural drawings - floor plans, external views from all angles. You can't believe how good they are!

 These three young men have just written their final theory exams. There are problems with Eskom and thus their practical (apprenticeship) opportunities, which are meant to start now that they've completed their exams. But, Eskom are having issues and can't accommodate the students.

 Instead of wasting their time lazing under trees, these guys are back at their old schools as teaching assistants, helping with maths classes - and bringing orienteering activities to their schools.

 At the teacher workshop, all three were on hand to assist with the orienteering activities, explaining the games to the teachers with one-on-one attention. They also helped me with putting out and collecting cones. 

I'm just so impressed with them as there are so many unemployed (and retired) people who waste their days when at the very least they could be sharing their skills and abilities with communities and organisations who need volunteer assistance.

 These guys are making their own opportunities but I can't help feeling that they may appreciate an open door, especially in the engineering realm, which is what they have studied. They currently reside just South of Polokwane.  If anyone reading this blog has the scope to employ / provide apprenticeships for these bright, self-motivated young men, please drop me a note and I'd be delighted to put you in contact with them.

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