Tuesday, 2 September 2014

That Spring-y feeling

While I love the heat of summer, this Spring-y time of year is a delight. I've been feeling Spring-y for a few weeks as some fruit-tree blossoms have been out for a while and trees have been getting buds since the beginning of August already. Things are now accelerating and every day brings new delights.

This evening on my run there were a number of spots with fragrant jasmine bushes. I could barely inhale deeply enough to absorb the scent fully.

And the number of people... More often than not I do not see any other runners or cyclists in the evenings. Today - at a guess - at least nine runners and one friendly cyclist! Spring is here indeed.

Wouldn't I just love to run beneath these blossoms! Actually, I'd probably walk. Or, more likely, I'd just stop and stare. Blossoms are a delight.

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