Monday, 8 September 2014

What is your lobola bride price?

My dad phones this afternoon. He's heard something on the radio about an app that calculates bride price based on criteria like age, education and other criteria. He says it is creating a storm.

I explain to my dad that with my volume of skills I doubt their software would be able to calculate my lobola rate - so totally off the charts it would be. hahahaha

While I'm chatting to him I find it online (Bride Price). It's a Nigerian site and it is pretty funny.

You can do the questionnaire for yourself or for a friend/enemy. You click through options that deal with important issues like the shape of your legs, teeth (white or brown and with or without a gap - highest value for white with gap), facial scars and how well you can cook. Each option has a monetary value. There are some quite funny options to chose from.

I couldn't decide for employment whether I was Computer Computer work or Talk Talk work - I'm on my computer a lot doing media work... both are assigned N20,000. I went with Talk Talk. Some options I didn't have a clue what they were (local lingo) so I took a guess ;)

At the end the elders confer and you get assigned a monetary value, a classification and a certificate. At today's currency conversion, that's R25,600 for me. Mmm... I'd expect far more! Perhaps buying power is better in Nigeria? hahaha

Silly fun.

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