Saturday, 14 February 2015

Let's crochet-a-long

Although I haven't posted about crochet for ages, my hands are as busy as ever and any free time is spent working on some-or-other project - often while listening to an audio book.

I very much enjoy the crochet-related links that friends post on my Facebook Timeline. Over a number of weeks I received three copies of the 'Crochet Shorts' link. I took it to mean that there are a number of people out where who quite fancy something a little different...? and are looking at me to make it for them...? hahahaha

custom crochet shorts on Etsy
My projects have been a little less 'out there'.

At the beginning of November 2013 I started a 'Landscape Blanket' project, which I would work on here and there. I'd work on it for a few weeks and then leave it for a few months, doing small projects inbetween. On 23 January 2015 I finished the main picture portion and I recently bought the yarn for the border, which I'll start on soon. And then I'll add the flowers in the 'meadow'.

Self-created pattern. 322 squares connected join-as-you-go
I would have probably completed this blanket if my crochet buddy hadn't sent me a link to a Crochet-a-long (CAL) that she found online.

The project is called Sophie's Universe CAL 2015 on the 'Look at what I made' website.

This CAL started five weeks ago and every Sunday you get the next couple of rounds. It's called a continuous-round Afgan, which in regular English means that you go around and around (as opposed to across or making squares). The shape builds up round by round to make a blanket ('Afgan' is a crochet blanket).

This CAL started off as a circle and now, at the end of week 4, it is all squared off. A photo from last night.

We have no idea what the final blanket will look like and each part is exciting and fun to make. I'm a week behind. Tomorrow we get week 6, I've just started week 5.

I've got a box of left-over yarn from various projects over the past few years. I'm using this project as a stash buster and so I can only use whatever is in the box for as long as it lasts. I haven't got a particular colour scheme aside from 'leftovers;. This is a pattern I'd definitely do again, with properly planned and coordinated colours.

I really enjoy looking at what other people are creating with this same pattern (different colours) on Ravelry (it's like 'Facebook' for knitting and crochet projects)

That's what I'm making. What keeps your hands busy?

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