Thursday, 30 July 2015

A Google Earth challenge book

I love Google Earth. A few years ago I had a monthly challenge on my site where I'd fly around and look for a location. I'd look for something identifiable - with features-vegetation-geology that would be distinctive and aid participants in identifying the location. It was good fun.

On Tuesday I was on a mission to find birthday gifts for children. I'm practical so clothing and books or something activity-related are my top choices.

At the mall they had one of those book sales, where books are spread on tables in a big open court at the mall. I began browsing.

They had a superb selection of children's books and a better selection of children's reference books - dinosaurs, insects, space, how things are made, science, human body and the like. I picked up a lovely, thick science reference for the 10-year old. Kyla is showing good strength at school and interest in geography and biology - after my own heart.

For the seven-year old I picked up a fun sticker book and a Mr Men book.

And then I saw it. "The Great Global Puzzle Challenge with Google Earth". Only R85 (R135 on Loot).

While I have officially bought it for the seven-year old, Ruben, the reality is that I actually bought it more for myself. To do with him..

It is hardcover, a good big size, not very thick and the illustrations inside are divine.

Each double-page spread is a location - cities like London, New York, Tokyo and sites like the Great Barrier Reef, Himalayas and the Amazon.

You type in coordinates on Google Earth to go to the locations. Once there the page has interesting information on the location and a second coordinate for a specific feature / landmark to visit. There are also items to find on the book page and it is great fun searching the illustration for these as well as a historic and geographic 'misfit' - like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the New York picture.

This book is a gem and I hope it will be a fun introduction for children to the wonders of Google Earth.

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