Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Promoting FEAT Kids and giving tickets

My annual FEAT adventure talks evening comes up in four weeks. Bit-by-bit I've been releasing speaker names (more tonight) and ticking admin bits off my list. This morning the banner fabric for the Photo Wall arrived - I think you'll enjoy the theme.

My real challenge this year is in promoting FEAT Kids to schools, parents and teenagers.

Schools with three terms are in the school term when FEAT Kids is on. This is good and bad.

Good because some supportive schools can arrange to bring students through in a group as a school activity/outing.

Bad because teachers and parents pass up the benefits (exposure of children to the world, activities, adventures, inspirational peers, travel) of this once-a-year FEAT Kids event in favour of same-same hockey or swimming practices at school. FEAT Kids is scheduled for 15h00, which is after school ends.

Public and private schools with four terms (the majority) are on holiday over this period. Again, good and bad.

Good in that FEAT Kids is a wonderful holiday activity.

Bad in that it requires a parent, grandparent or such to take them to the event.

Of course, it should be a no brainer that the adults who love FEAT bring their children to FEAT Kids...

The Linder is a big venue and going into this first FEAT Kids event I know that it is unlikely to be full. This does give me a lot of freedom to give tickets to youth development programmes and children's homes. I've made contact with a few and I look forward to seeing them there.

If you have any personal connection with an organisation that cares for children, I'd be happy to provide them with some tickets. Teenagers are the most suitable age group to attend FEAT Kids. Please drop me a note (lisa @ ar.co.za).

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