Friday, 9 October 2015

First FEAT Kids yesterday

FEAT Day has come and gone and what adventures we had yesterday.

FEAT Kids was the first event of the day with a focus on younger speakers and a younger audience. Although public uptake and response from schools was dismal, through various channels we invited a bunch of teens who thoroughly enjoyed the talks and were quite blown away, especially as this was their first exposure to anything of this nature.

My friend, a past speaker and dad of one of our FEAT Kids posted this on Facebook this morning:

(L-R): Robyn Zimmerman, Keegan Longueira, Paige Raw, JeanJacques Wallis, Kai Fitchen, Sam Stainton, Bernie Theron and me. Photo by Darron Raw.
Dangerous company! I am not sure whether I should be a proud dad or worried about the influences of Paige standing between such a vagabond bunch of adventurers: Peter Van Kets a professional adventurer of oceanic proportions; Robyn Zimmerman, a Springbok Scout who challenges stereotypes; Keegan Longueira Guinness WR holder of the fastest cycle trip across Africa, Jean-Jacques Wallis, arguably one of the best parachute, wingsuit, base jump and speed flyers in the world; Kai Fitchen, youthful mountaineer and environmental conservationist; Sam Stainton, top-top sport climber and Bernie Theron, who hiked across Iceland self-supported... and personifies the spirit of adventure itself - don't plan too much - just do it! And of course Lisa De Speville - the queen of adventure in SA. #FEATSA

Darron's daughter, Paige, is the youngest speaker to grace the FEAT stage at only 13. And she charmed everyone with her well-presented talk. Her video is going to be a must-see.

I couldn't sum up FEAT Kids any better. My reply to Darron...
Darron Raw, father of FEAT Kids speaker Paige Raw, understandably concerned... But, considering that Darron is also a past FEAT speaker (October 2010) and is far more a vagabond adventurer than most, I think he can sleep easy about his daughter being in our company xxx
These FEAT Kids are hardly 'kids'. They're responsible and adventurous teens and young adults and everyone of them would be absolutely divine on the FEAT stage too. Having two events allows me to weight the FEAT Kids with youth and leave the more mature folk to FEAT - with a bit of youth for balance.

Bernie Theron

JeanJacques Wallis

Kai Fitchen

Keegan Longueira

Robyn Zimmerman

Samantha Stainton

Paige Raw

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