Monday, 7 December 2015

Biking about town

My plan with living in Parys is to totally soak up the small-town benefits - like having everything so close. 

After a few weight-bearing errands in my car - dropping kids, collecting my mom, picking-up cement pavers - I dropped my car and headed off on my bike to complete errands that could fit in my backpack.

It is so much cooler (temperature and appeal) and more fun to charge around town on my bicycle. My town riding bike is my Qhubeka -  a solid, steel-frame, single-speed, back-pedal-brake bicycle. I feel totally ok chaining it to a pole outside stores too. 

My mom lives two minutes from me - by bike. It is lovely to race along the river back and forth to her place. There is still lots to do there (unpacking and handyman stuff) so I'm between houses regularly.

I've got a nice basket that I can cable-tie to the rear carrier to make it easier for shopping and carting things around that don't fit in my backpack.

When I've been in town in the past I haven't done much bike commuting. It really is such a pity because this is a great place for it. I certainly feel guilty about hopping into my car to head to the shops when it is a short walk and bike away. 

Mom hasn't been out on her bike yet. We're planning to ride together later this week to check out the location of important stores and facilities so that she gets to know her way around. Bike is so much better for this than car. I've spotted many potential Metrogaine locations already.

Yes, definitely more biking for all of us. 

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