Friday, 19 February 2016

More scouting outings

It really is the route planning and scouting part of event organising that I enjoy the most. I've now covered over 65km of tracks recently with some back-and-forth and no-trail sections included. I'm getting a clearer picture of the area and potential routes are coming to light. I've got two more pieces I'd like to trace early next week. And then to put it all together.

Here are some photos from yesterday.


One of the most lovely trees just standing there and waiting to be photographed.

Lots of runnable terrain in this section. 
Butterflies! The outside of their wings is black and white. Inside it is a lovely blue. 
Colourful grasshopper.

I love the glimpses of the Vaal River. 

I used quite a bit of my water to put out a fire left smouldering by a cattle herder. Low on water and with a big storm approaching I cut short my scouting. I'd put down 12km or tracks - my few hours out had been well spent. 

My faithful trail shoes' days are numbered. They have done really superb mileage over the past two-odd years

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