Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A rafting outing on the Vaal

After a day of immense sadness on Saturday, it was good for me and mom to get out on Sunday. We finally had enough water in the river to take the rafts out. What a treat to be able to launch rafts less than three kilometres from home! Ah, the joys of living in Parys on the Vaal River. The water was a bit up (90-100 cumec) - enough to cover enough rocks to give us a clear run. (Celliers says it was actually around 60 cumec. On Saturday it was higher at 90-100 but by Sunday morning it had dropped)

This was my mom's first time in a raft and she took each rapid like she'd done this a dozen times before.

We take out on Jacques and Tanja's farm - it's a leisurely half-day trip with a stop on an island for snacks. If one were to paddle fast (a kayak, not a raft), it could probably take two hours or less for the same distance.

Getting our kit ready and rafts inflated.
Mom and Ruben.

The Holtzhausen family raft

Boys playing bumper cars...

It is really challenging to get a non-funny-face photo of these two! Puffed out cheeks, wiggling fingers in mouths, hiding from the camera... This was the most 'normal' of the lot.

Start 'em young.

Kyla chillin'

Celliers teaching Jacques the lines through the 'Stepping Stones' rapid.

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