Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Three cheers for our Telkom guy

Telkom did work in our area over the weekend and sent a message to say so. Our ADSL went down Friday night / Saturday morning. My mom's ADSL was back by Monday morning; ours wasn't. We reported the fault on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday afternoon, we got a call to say a guy would be over. I raced home from my mom's place, where I'd been working, and waited. After about 15 minutes, no one had arrived so I phoned the number I had been given and I spoke to a guy who said he would check the box and then come over. I waited. 

About 45-minutes later I called again and spoke to a lady. I asked if the guy was coming and I told her that I was keen to head back to my mom's place to continue working with her internet. The lady took my number to pass onto the guy so that he could call me when he got to my home. It takes me two minutes to get from my mom to home. 

So there I am working away at mom's place and we hear a hooter toot outside; the Telkom guy. He tells us that he'll meet me at my place - and off he goes. I head off behind him.

Andries, our Telkom guy, installed my mom's line in December so I saw him once or twice there. I didn't know that he knew where I lived. I asked how he knew to find me at my mom's place. He replies, "I know everyone in this town". 

How's that! He'd remembered me and had connected me to my mom and our respective homes. 

Andries has to be the best Telkom guy around. He's friendly and efficient too. 

While here he called the guy working on the exchange box and apparently a bunch of lines were not moved from the old system to the new one over the weekend; ours being one of these. He said the guy would get to it today.

I called him this afternoon when our adsl was still not up and he said it would be up. He then phoned me a while later to turn everything on and to test. Yay! We're back online.

Thank you Andries. Small town living has its merits - and lovely surprises.

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