Monday, 7 March 2016

Visitors, are you ready to paddle?

I'm developing a habit. A nice one. Of 'making' my visitors paddle.

My aunt came to stay two weeks ago for a few days. We (me and my mom) got her onto the water. The first time in her life to paddle. My mom took her out on a double sit-on-top and they did really well. And, more importantly, my aunt enjoyed it.

My aunt in the front, my mom at the back.
My dad arrived today and he'll be here for two nights. He was easily coerced into coming paddling. He took my mom's boat, a single sit-on-top, while I paddled my V7. We got onto the water quite late so it was very quiet and still with a low sun quickly sinking.

My dad is a really good birder and he has eagle eyes. This evening I saw more birds - and more types of birds - than I've seen in the past three months. I now know the name of the golden-necked, swimming and diving water birds, darters. And we were also fortunate to see a large grey heron (I saw one last week too).

Paddle selfie
 Here's the thing...

If you come to visit us here in Parys, remember to pack your shorts and tees because you can be sure that I have a paddle outing lined up for you.

Orienteering friends, you'll be delighted to know that I've started mapping our regular paddling section of the river for a Canoe-O. I took my draft map out this evening to see how it matches up - I'm chuffed! It is looking great. I've got some decisions to make about how to deal with some vegetation issues but for the rest it is lookin' good.

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