Sunday, 16 July 2017

Discovering the Rietpoort hiking trail

I've lived in Parys for over 18 months now and there is still so much to discover in the area. All of the properties around here are privately owned so many you'd only access if you knew the owner or were staying at the venue. 

This afternoon I headed out with my friend Karen and my mom and our dogs (Rusty, Rocksie and Tansy) to a nearby place, Rietpoort. I've seen the hills and tree and big white farm house from the Potch road and they've always caught my curiosity. At the entrance gate to the property they have a big cement horse sculpture and a newer one of a guy sitting on the wall (I think). I usually see them as a I drive past. Inside, there are a bunch more animals and a guy with a gun.

Karen has been out here a number of times so she knows the routes.

Arriving, the place is enchanting. There are a bunch of charming and interesting cottages and a load of old farm equipment that decorates the place - in a tasteful way that brings a sense of history and authenticity to the farm.

We bundled out of the car and set off on the 'red' trail. The trails are very clearly marked with coloured plastic tags.

This wasn't a route for little Tansy with steep climbs and lots of rocks. I carried her on these sections. 

For the rest, the area is stunning with great views from the ridge, a number of small dams and an abundance of trails. 

The aloes are in flower; they're beautiful.

If you do every loop of every colour of trail there is 6km in total (I found a map on their website). There is a lot of scope to really mix it up and to play around. We did the red route and part of the yellow and purple. I've seen a lot of bits that I want to go back to explore further. Fortunately for me, this great property a 10 minute drive from home.

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