Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Kennel for large dog breeds

From the outset we have joked that our YOLO Moo Igloo, a calf hutch primarily for the dairy industry, is perfect for "calves, sheep, goats and very big dogs". Well, it turns out that our YOLO Moo Igloo is the perfect kennel for large breed dogs like Great Danes, bullmastiffs, St Bernards, Irish wolf hounds and the like.

A week or so ago I posted a photo online of our YOLO Moo Igloo in a variety of colours. It was a hit on Facebook.

I then invited a friend to bring her Great Dane to the factory so that I could take a photo of the dog in the kennel. Lagatha is a one-year old Great Dane and she is still growing. There was plenty of space for her (and her mom Linda) in our hutch (yes, Linda is in there with Lagatha).

A friend tagged me and reminded me of the Hound Sleeper dog beds, which she uses for her dogs. I have seen them before and I like them. I checked out their website and then phoned the lady, Dawn.

Our Moo Igloos do not have a base. Two reasons. Firstly, in the dairy industry the hutches are moved on to fresh grass every few days. Secondly, they can be transported stacked like yoghurt cups. They're big - transport would be prohibitively expensive if you can't stack them.

The Hound Sleeper dog bed keeps your dog off the ground and so it is the perfect match for our YOLO.

The problem that Hound Sleeper owners have is that kennels are not big enough for the larger sizes to fit inside. Our YOLO Moo Igloo can accommodate their biggest large and extra large sizes - with some room. So there is a problem solved on that side.

And it seems that owners of large dogs really struggle to find adequately sized kennels. A friend recently bought a wooden 'Wendy House' to accommodate his large dog (almost double the price of our YOLO).

As a dog kennel and a calf hutch our product has slight differences in the finishing and base frame although the size is identical at 1.7m long, 1.15m wide and 1.1m high.

We moulded an orange YOLO Moo Igloo for a friend today - I'll see it tomorrow.

This is a fabulous and colourful domestic extension of a product we created for the agricultural industry; and a perfect outdoor shelter solution for large dog breed owners.

I hope we get many more orders for our beautifully colourful large breed dog kennels.

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