Saturday, 12 May 2018

42 Days of Running

Yes, it is that time of year when my annual 'Days of Running' game takes place. If you're new to my blog then this is how it works...

Every year, in the weeks leading up to my birthday, I have to run for the consecutive number of days of the age that I'm turning. I started this a number of years ago when I turned 35 and I've continued the tradition. In June, I turn 42 - thus '42 Days of Running'.

Since my Rusty dog came into my life, just over a year ago, I've been very consistent with my running. Come hell-or-high-water, I take my dog out. She has definitely given me purpose as I'm more likely not to do things for my self (things for other people taking priority, mistakenly) but I will do everything for my dog.

In past years, my running has always been there but there have been periods where I would only be getting out 2-3 times a week. This Days of Running was very good for me because it brought me back to earth and was a reminder of how it is always possible to get out for 30 minutes, no matter how crazy your day.

This year, I don't expect my game to have as much of an impact as in past years but it does give me great satisfaction nonetheless.

42 Days of Running kicked off on Tuesday (8 May) and it actually started with a walk, not a run. I was away this past weekend (more in my next post) and I returned to an ill mom. I whisked her off to the doctor on Monday morning. As suspected, pneumonia. She was doing better on Tuesday so in the evening we took our dogs down to the river for a walk.

With Karen and Skally at parkrun this morning
I hadn't decided on any rules for this year's game - like minimum distance or duration. May seems to have snuck up from behind to give me a fright. How can we possibly almost be in the middle of the year? WTF!!!

What I started doing before the last few weekends was to load in a longer run of 10-12 km once a week, which I have not done for way, way too long. Most of my runs are 4-7km. I did two weeks with these longer runs and really enjoyed them - I feel like I only start getting into the groove after 10km.

Maybe for this year's game I'll make 2 x weekly 10km+ runs 'compulsory'. Yeah, that's a good rule for this year. I need it.

Waiting for parkrun to start. Rusty gets way, way excited when all the runners rush off; I prefer to start with her off to the side. 
So, the game is on.

If you like this concept but you're not a runner, you can make this your own by making it 'Days of [your preferred activity]'. This could be walking, paddling, dancing, biking, swimming, yoga or a general 'Days of Activity'.

Coming into the finish. Unfortunately the sweet old chap taking photos didn't get Rusty in the picture.

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