Sunday, 14 October 2018

PaddleExpo tradeshow in Germany

I got back on Tuesday after a few days in Germany for PaddleExpo, a paddlesports-focused tradeshow held annual in Nuremberg. This was my first time in Germany and although it was an in-and-out trip, much like our tradeshow trip to Oklahoma in late August, it gave me a brief taste of the place. Being there in autumn, the outside temperature was just perfect.

We had a superbly busy show and is was a treat to encounter so many people from all over Europe - from Greece to Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Norway as well as Singapore and India. The variety in accented English was charming.

Now that we're back, we (I!) have a ton of work to do to convert interest to orders in preparation for the European season next year.

PaddleExpo showcases everything from SUP, rafting and whitewater to high-end Olympic sprint and marathon kayaks. Plus every accessory imaginable. 
Our stand. We arrived late-morning on the Thursday. I stayed at the show to wait for our kayaks to be delivered (they missed their connecting flight in Luxembourg and only landed that morning - still had to go through customs clearance) and to get the wall panels up to hang our large banners. Celliers and James went to a hardware store to buy lengths of wood to build our stands. They came out beautifully.
Our team. Celliers, me, James, Wendy and Marius. Wendy came through from the Netherlands to join us for a day and a bit. She has a lot of experience in the paddlesports industry and she has worked with Celliers in the past. It really was a treat to have her with us. She knows so many people and understands all the ins-and-outs of this industry. 
I am very proud to be part of creating this company and brand.
Every one of our fittings have been custom-designed by Celliers. Nothing generic for us! From top, L-R: Clip rings, 8" screw hatch, scupper venturi system, multifit, footrest system, handles (this is anodised aluminium on our whitewater kayaks; we have orange plastic handles on our recreational kayaks).
I'm so over sweet bars. This one was fabulous -  a savoury bar.
On Monday, before we had to leave for the airport, we went walkabout. I found a super incredible pet store. The boys left me to it. These are all dog treats! And they have dozens of brands of dog food and snacks and treats in so many incredible flavours. Of course I bought a couple for Rusty. Very well priced and actually cheaper than packets of treats at home.
One of the treats I bought for Rusty. I thought that these balls would be medium softness but they are actually quite hard and great for a good chew. She loves them.
A quick lunch before heading to the airport.

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