Sunday, 14 October 2018

Weekly road running time trial in Parys

A few months ago, a chap - Pierre - started a new multisport club in Parys. He has affiliated to a bunch of unions, like road running and cycling, so that people can get licences within one club - much like my old Adventure Racing Club.

He has also set up a weekly time trial, starting from the Parkie on Cilliers/Olienhout Streets. It is on Wednesday evenings at 17h30 and has 1.5km, 4km and 8km (two laps of 4km) routes. Coming out of a winter start, there are not yet that many people who participate, but this is sure to change in the coming weeks. I was delighted to see a good number of children taking part.

Rusty and I went along for the first time this past Wednesday. It is about a 2km run from home to the park. It was pretty warm on Wednesday so Rusty took a bit of strain. I've been away a lot over the past two months. When I'm away, Rusty stays with her granny. Needless to say, she has put on a bit of weight.

We took the run easy, walking in places. I even let her walk in one of the roadside canals to cool her legs, while I poured some water over her neck. We jogged gently back home in slightly cooler temperatures.

This is a nice fixture to do each week. Social and scenic. Thank you to Pierre for getting this started and I wish him growth in number both for the time trial and his club.

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