Monday, 14 January 2019

Digesting 2018: Paddling, bookclub and crochet (pt 3)


Overall, I didn't paddle much in 2018. Before I got Rusty I paddled once or twice a week. Once I got Rusty, my priorities changed because going running or walking with her was more important than paddling without her, especially as I'm pushed for time.

 I sold my beautiful Epic v7 surfski in November to make way for my Vagabond Marimba, which I got in mid-December before we paddled the Orange River for three days.

While I loved my v7, it didn't have space for Rusty. My Marimba has a spacious tankwell; now I can take my girly out with me.

Over New Year I tripped the Vaal twice from town on my Marimba and this past weekend I tripped 'Top Section' (from the canoe club to town) for the first time (this time paddling our whitewater sit-on-top, the Usutu).

 I'm definitely finding that my paddle stroke skills are getting better and I'm also developing better control in rapids. I look forward to getting even better.


 I've got a super bookclub here and we meet monthly. Of course, it is more about the company than it is about the books... I am very appreciative of the friendships from this awesome group of women.

I read every night before I go to sleep - never as much as I'd like to. My attention span is generally only good enough for fiction, which I've always devoured.

I never keep a record of what I've read, so this year I'll endeavour to take a photo of each book to save in a folder on my phone as a record of how I spent my time.


I haven't done much this year - but I have completed smaller projects throughout the year. I like to crochet while watching series or movies - the more I watch, the more crochet I get to do. I really need to watch more TV.

I have a bit of a doily thing going... I love the patterns but don't know what to do with them! I've done some with beads for milk jugs and the like; I've got one strung up for a dream catcher and I think I'm going use my two most recent ones on cushions. It will probably take me a year to get around to this!

I got Netflix about four months ago (for the first 24 days I didn't get around to watching anything!). We didn't even have regular TV at home (we got dvds occasionally and watched some series on DVD). Netflix is the way. Yeah! It's nice to zone out and so I try to get in one episode of something every night.

Overall, I have not been very productive on the crochet front.

// end of pt 3

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