Monday, 14 January 2019

Digesting 2018: Running, Rusty and mom's Moroccan adventure (pt 2)

A bit of a mixed bag for me.... I was on fire (speed and distance) until mid June when I got a chest cold with a nasty cough. It took me more than two months (plus a doctor visit and meds) to get over it and it left me flat.

I've ticked over but sleeping 3-4hrs a night on too many nights really worked me over.

I don't recommend it.

I'm not running as much or as fast as I'd like to. This is something I need to make right. I need to take care with Rusty and so psychologically I need to get myself right to do more sessions without her to get in more distance for myself.

We have a Parys parkun on Saturdays and a MyRun on Sunday mornings. This was a MyRun in December.
I won't be hosting Forest Run again this year. Long story, but the main piece of land used for Forest Run has been sold and the new owner doesn't want anyone on his property, he is busy putting up fencing and apparently he will put buffalo on the land. I will do another social 'Not-Forest Run' in May.

I do have access to land around the sections that I used for further parts of the 30km and 46km Forest Run routes. But I'll need a few months for scouting and mapping, which I just don't have now.

This doggy girl... She is my heart.

This dog keeps me sane and grounded. I definitely make more effort for her than I would do for myself. We go out walking or running every day and usually once a week we go to our favourite place Otters' Haunt to run with my friend Karen and Rusty's friends Rocksy and Skally. In summer we love to run to the quarry, swim there and then run back - around 7km loop.

We had a wobble two weeks ago when Rusty had a sore front leg and a sore back leg - and probably sore back too - after one of these outings. Vet visit and x-rays later, Rusts has arthritis in two spinal joints and also in the 'little fingers' of her front paws.

She is between 7 and 8 and is maybe closer to 8... Having a doggy in pain that can barely walk is very distressing for me. Fortunately, rest and pain killers got her on track in days but we'll need to look at long-term maintenance so that my special companion can continue to enjoy adventures with me.

Mom's Moroccan adventure (and her broken foot)

My mom - the gaiter-making elf of AR Gaiters - spent months preparing for her adventure - a trip to Morocco to hike up Mt Toubcal in the Atlas Mountains. Unfortunately, on her first afternoon of trekking, she broke her right foot - fractures on her tibia and fibia! That was a Friday afternoon. A donkey ride took her to the village where she waited for her group to return on the Sunday afternoon. They returned to Marrakesh and a hospital visit on the Tuesday morning confirmed the fracture.

She got on a flight home one-day early. I fetched her from the airport on the Thursday and we were at the orthopod on the Friday morning. He operated on the Monday morning - putting in plates and screws. She was out of hospital the same day - we stayed over at my uncle's place; mom was out of it.

We got back to Parys the next day and I moved in with mom; cooking, hanging and sleeping at her house at night but working between my house and the factory in the day and then putting in extra hours late into the night (or early into the morning depending on your perspective).

Mom was pretty much confined to her house until recently. She got the go-ahead to start putting weight on her foot in mid-Dec and two physio visits before Xmas got her more mobile. She started driving just over a week ago and can now walk without a crutch. She is making fast progress now.

I found it very difficult managing mom's household and my household with too much work on my plate; so I didn't spend nearly as much time with my mom as I would have liked to. She was a good patient, happy to eat anything that I put in her lunchboxes or cooked for dinner. I enjoyed hanging with her and watching Netflix together at night.

// end pt 2

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