Monday, 25 February 2019

Don't miss the boat (there may not be a next time). Come to our kayak race.

You have probably experienced the situation where you organise something, people are lax to RSVP (many don't even bother) and then your activity comes and goes. If too few people attend, you're unlikely to plan another... and that's when those who didn't come, didn't RSVP peak out about what a pity it is that there isn't another one and that they would really like to attend.

There is a BIG difference between liking to attend and actually attending.

The problem is that events and activities and projects don't often have the luxury of being repeated over and over and over in the hope that people wake up and rock up.

We've got a kayak race on 10 March, here in Parys. It is sure to be a lovely day for not only the race, but for hanging out and picnicing on the beautiful lawns of the Likkewaan Canoe Club. I know of a number of people who plan to enter but I have only received one official entry (for four people). Yes, I know there are still two weeks to go... I just get a bit nervous.

The focus of this event really is on any boat that floats. Bring whatever you have lying around and paddle it.

This event is a proof-of-concept. I'm organising this first one and possibly a second one. And then the plan is that once I've got the ball rolling, another guy will take over from me.

But if people don't rock up at the first one, how do we know they'll rock up at the second? Is it worth taking on the risk? And yet we know that this is something that people are interested in because we talk to people. This isn't a new idea for us.

There is always a lot of outrage when a good idea disappears. And it usually disappears for lack of support. To keep things around, you have to rock up.

If you miss this boat, there may not be a next one.

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