Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Mobile blood donor clinic - "Parys never disappoints"

On the second Tuesday of the month, SANBS visits Parys with their mobile blood donor clinic.

The staff always say "Parys never disappoints" as they usually have over 100 donors every month.

Yesterday, the hall was packed. As luck would have it, they were low on staff (those absent were off ill) and as such they only had six instead of eight beds. While I was there the beds were always occupied. The queue for blood pressure and iron check was full (about 15-18 seats) the whole time and before I got to a bed there were seven of us in the bed queue. I got there at 4pm and was out a bit after 17h30 - I'm usually in-and-out within 30 minutes.

They were expecting 140 donors. Well done Parys.

This was my 51st donation - Rusty comes with me.

REMEMBER: once-off donations are a waste of time, resources and blood. If you are going to donate, you need to become a regular donor and maintain your regular-donor status for your blood to be used. To be a regular donor, you must donate at least three times a year (max is six times - every two months).

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