Friday, 22 March 2019

My first canoe polo game

I've known of the sport of canoe polo for 25 years and I've been living in Parys for three years where this is a regular activity at our paddling club. Yesterday evening I enjoyed my first canoe polo game.

It should actually be called kayak polo, because we paddle kayaks with a double-bladed paddle... but the name of the sport is canoe polo.

This is a five-a-side, full-contact sport played on flatwater, where the objective is to score goals.

Paddling skills and ball skills are key - as is rolling; players are allowed to push each other over!

I need to practice my rolling this weekend and Celliers will work with me on more paddle stroke techniques to improve my manoeuvrability.

I'll play on Monday nights and look forward to getting much better.

(Yes, a Fluid canoe polo kayak - Celliers' design from when Fluid was his baby. Vagabond currently doesn't have a canoe polo kayak in our range.)

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