Thursday, 18 June 2020

Droopy drawers, I'm 44

I'm hoping that this bingo call for 44 is not a reflection of the state of my drawers!

Today marks my 44th year of existence. I find myself in a bit of a mixed mood.

I've been quite off the last two days with the cold and rain and an abundance of load shedding, load rotation, blown power substations in our town... It has really gotten to me of late for the ongoing and massive disruption to everything.

My annual 'Days of Running' hasn't been fantastic. I've been fairly consistent but had a wobbly when Rusty injured her paw (her state really affects me psychologically) and these last two days with rain and cold I've been totally pathetic. Willem's Badger Hunt was great because I loved getting out to find the clues and I got in some nice longer-than-usual runs.

I decided that I rather felt like postponing my birthday until it was warmer, sunnier and we had electricity.

But, this morning dawned with a flash of sunlight, the power was on and calls and messages from friends and family have brightened my mood substantially.

Like other 'lockdown' birthday celebrants, I haven't got big plans. No tea parties, no group runs or paddles...

I've got work to do this morning and then lunch with my mom and a run with the dogs.

A pretty fair day it i going to be.

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