Wednesday, 22 July 2020

A bit of Rescue

I first heard of Rescue Remedy years ago. It is a potion (for want of a better word) made up of flower essences that are recommended to promote health sleep, lessen anxiety and soothe pain.

My mom swears by Rescue Remedy and she used to use it to calm her dog Tansy who would shake and shiver at even the hint of an approaching storm. Her current doggy Rosy can be quite highly strung and wired and so mom gives Rosy a Rescue tablet to two at night when she has been particularly hyper. Rosy sleeps better and is more calm the next day. Mom pops a Rescue here and there too to improve her sleep.

I have a friend who struggles to sleep, often spending hours awake at night. Stress and anxiety are the norm for him. I suggested Rescue. And then I figured that I may as well give it a shot too.

I am blessed that regardless of my stress levels or any other issues, I sleep. Dead-to-the-world sleep. I drop off within minutes (or probably seconds) and I don't wake unless I need to pee - and then I go back to sleep immediately on returning to bed. I can sleep through storms too.

What I do struggle with is waking up. It has been an especially tough battle the past weeks. I can hit the snooze number multiple times (errr... more than five, or six, or seven!) and I am completely lights out for the five minutes between alarms. It doesn't matter whether I sleep five hours or nine, waking up is tough.

I started taking one Rescue tablet before bed about five nights ago. In terms of sleep, it may improve the quality of my sleep but what I have noticed is that I am waking easier than I have for at least the past 3-4 months. All other conditions are the same - time I go to bed, duration of sleep, alarm time and that it is damn cold in the mornings (not nice to get up). So, I put this down to an effect of the Rescue tablets.

I'm going to stick with it for a couple of weeks, maybe even try two tablets, and see how it goes.

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