Wednesday, 31 March 2021

As far as the eye can see

I first started wearing glasses aged 16 in high school when I struggled to read the overhead projector and my motorbike learner's license test picked it up too. I think my first prescription was for -1.25 glasses. 

I am short-sighted, This is where objects that are far away appear a bit fuzzy and objects that are close are clear and normal.

Over the past 28 years, my vision deteriorated very slowly to -2.5. It was stable at -2.25 to -2.5 for at least the last 10 years. Both eyes have always been the same, which points to an environmental factor as the cause - a lot of reading as a child (and adult + computer work) which relies on the same close-distance focus.

According to Wiki, "School myopia appears during childhood, particularly the school-age years. This form of myopia is attributed to the use of the eyes for close work during the school years."

All the way through school and into university, I would wear glasses in class and for distance but not for general social interactions. Over time, it was just easier to wear them all the time. 

I have dabbled with contact lenses, which tend to leave my eyes very scratchy within an hour or two unless I'm active. Worse on the highveld; better at the coast. I haven't worn contacts much for a number of years. When I run, I wear glasses. When I paddle, I paddle rapids without (but wear them to spot birds and enjoy the scenery). Yes, I can see everything without glasses; just without the definition and clarity. I've always read books without glasses - the distance to which my eyes are perfectly tuned.

A few years ago my optometrist told me that, with age, my vision would improve for distance but deteriorate for close focus. She said I'd need a lighter prescription for working. Well, the time has come.

A few months ago I really started to notice it. Where I could read even the smallest print at close range wearing glasses, I now have to take my glasses off. And I also began finding my prescription to be a bit too strong, especially for computer work. Without glasses my eyes take strain with screens.

I went for an eye test about two weeks ago. It confirmed that my prescription has improved to -2.25. For close focus, I'm great with my natural eyesight. The optometrist has prescribed a -1.75 for computer work. The test pair made an incredible difference to screen clarity and with less strain than my usual prescription. You don't know what you don't see until you see it.

I tease friends about needing plus-1s (reading glasses) but I'm now finding myself moving into a similar realm. 

Ain't 21 any more. haha haha

I have always worn glasses for driving. These are now my 'old' glasses. Good as a back-up pair. Rosy assisting with directions.

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