Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Biokineticist scorecard

Last week I had my first re-assessment by my biokineticist since I started working with her six-weeks ago. This assessment looks at six muscle groups and compares the strength between left and right and allows us to look at this balance and the balance of interaction between the muscle groups - like quads and hamstrings.

The exercises that I've had to do have focused on core, glutes, hammies, quads, illiacus abductors and adductors. In our quick 30 minute sessions, Megan works specific exercises or tests other ones on me and she tweaks the programme.

In my first assessment, my numbers were totally off. I knew this - although not to such an extent - as I'd been favouring my left side because of my right knee niggle. Where the percentage difference between left and right should be less than 5%, mine were all 10 to 26%, with the exception of my quads (at 2%).

Six weeks later and all but one number (adductors) is below required. The biggest change was in the iliacus (hip flexion) which improved from 26% to 3%! Glutes can still do with some work as they're sitting on 5% and we ideally want less of a difference.

It is interesting how I've lost strength in some groups but gained in others. And the interaction of hamstrings vs quads is not yet in goal range, but closer. 

Next week I start on a strength programme and I'll also have my first treadmill-based assessment to see how everything is working together to influence posture and foot landing, form and such.

While I'm not running-running, I am still walking daily and lightly 'trotting'. I've still got a way to go but seeing the numbers from the assessment gave me a much-needed psychological boost.

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