Wednesday, 12 May 2021

45 Days of Running

11 years ago I started with '35 Days of Running' as a 'project' to refocus my attention on my running, which at that stage was disrupted and, with 2-4 runs a week, was the most inconsistent I'd been since I was 15. Cold winter evenings demand more motivation to drag oneself outside for a run, and so this challenge really helped on the coldest of days to get me out there.

Each year, I've done this challenge where I have to run every day for the number of days leading up to my birthday of the age that I am turning. I've varied the theme by distance or duration but the foundation is the same - to run every single day.

In these recent years I've felt the impact of this challenge less, especially the last four years with Rusty as I take her out every day anyway. Nonetheless, I jump into this as something of a tradition.

With my birthday coming up next month, I'm already eight days into this. 

I spent days 2 to 5 on a farm near De Rust so I enjoyed a few hours of hiking with Rusty each day, which was spectacular. Days 1, 6 and 7 were just local outings.

This year, Days of Running will have more walking than running as I continue on a biokineticist programme to rectify my nothing-structurally-wrong-with-my-knee, shoe-induced 'niggle'. I am running, but low volume and gently with a greater balance of hiking each day. Some Days of Running, as in past years, may be Days of Paddling to do something active and off my feet.

If you still have a birthday coming up this year, a 'Days of Something' challenge may be just what you need to give you a goal and some focus. I've found it to be very rewarding and this year should prove no different. 

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