Sunday, 8 August 2021

Paddling the Goukamma River

It is about time that I paddled the Goukamma River! 

I parked at Goukamma SANparks - great location - and paddled upstream from there. It is a good spot for an after-paddle picnic and there are ablution facilities for changing.

While the river lacks rapids, channels and islands, it does have meandering bends, pretty scenery and good birdlife.

Out on the water I saw many cormorants, darters plus Egyptian geese and ducks. I also saw a pied kingfisher and some or other birds of prey (at least three types). I always hope to see some of the brightly coloured kingfishers and I was treated on the return route when a half-collared kingfisher flashed his brilliant blue as he flew from one side of the river to the other - right in front of me.

For this scenic out-and-back route, I clocked around 16km.

Flat and still when I headed out. Had some headwind on the return but also protected in places.

Cormorant drying its wings in the sun.

Still and pretty.

End of the 'road' - as high up the Goukamma River as I could paddle.

Leftovers for breakfast on the water.

River Deck, near the N2, is a great spot on the water for brunch or lunch. There are a few accommodation locations and towards Buffelsbaai and the sea, there are options at Cape Nature to picnic, hike and overnight.

Lovely morning out. I'm glad that I got out to paddle this morning. Goukamma is about a 50min drive from George.

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