Friday, 6 August 2021

Take a dog to work day

While the world discovers working-from-home, I've gone the other direction. For the past 20 years, I have primarily worked from home. Until six weeks ago

Our office space at the factory was recently completed and it includes an office for me. In mid-June I moved into my office. I'm there most days during the work day and it makes things a lot easier and more convenient that I'm based there. On days where I have work to crunch that needs my undivided attention for chunks of hours, I stay home. 

I'm adapting and while I don't quite have home-work separation because I often still work later at home too, it is nice to have a place that is not at home for files and work stuff.

What I do miss are the dogs.

Rusty and Rosy spend their days at home with my mom. This really is a big change for Rusty who was with me almost every day and out on almost every errand with me for 3.5 years. When I first moved down here, she did absolutely everything with me for two-and-a-half months. She loves doing things with me - and I with her.

Rosy is an exuberant personality. She thinks Rusty is just the best. But she can overshadow Rusty's more chilled temperament. Rusty has recently been not-quite-herself so I thought that I should do some only-Rusty activities with her.

Today, we spent the day together. We started with international courier sending at the shops in the morning. Then we went for my haircut, a 30-minute stop before hitting the factory. I'd packed in a cushion for Rusts, which I put on my office floor for her to lie on.

Shortly after we got there the rain came tumbling down. A bit later in the morning we darted in the rain from one building section to the other - that was exciting. We also walked through the factory, we met with a guy who came to fetch a compost tumbler, we packed some stuff for courier sending, we worked on our computer and saw people (lots of action with people coming and going). 

Then we darted home to pick up her dog school stuff and made it to school just in time. She was a star in class. 

Photo from Teacher Nics. The dogs have to stay while we disappear out of sight around the corner. Rusty is very good at this from coming to the shops with me. 

Back home, we had a usual chilled night. Rosy was beside herself with delight to have her Rusty back. 

It has been a good day. 

I've got some routes that I want to do which won't be for Rusty (she is not a youngster) but which Rosy will love, so I'll do some of that with Rosy. And then we've got their separate dog classes (they always have been separate but now on different days) and I'll do odd office days with Rusty. She doesn't really mind where she is as long as it is with me. 

Having Rusts with me today just made the whole day better. 

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